Temporary Things

by Clara Baker

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released June 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Clara Baker Portland, Oregon

Original, honest, heartfelt acoustic music in Portland and Corvallis, OR.

Clara's lyrics and melodies express strong emotions and poetic observations of the world around her. Her personal, heartfelt lyrics draw you into each word. On stage she is charismatic, sincere and at ease while performing, and clearly finds great joy in sharing her music! ... more

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Track Name: Big Spoon
It wasn’t ‘til the sun came out/ that I remembered how it felt to love you, how I loved you/ it only took the starry skies/to clear enough to see our eyes/ when I knew/ then I knew/ well maybe it was just a glance/ but in that moment any love could last/ I know for sure/ although I don’t think there’s hope/ reality is just a joke we laugh at/ over dinner sometimes
Well I’ll be the big spoon and/ you can be the little and/ if you’ll play the guitar I will gladly play the fiddle and/ somewhere out there halfway lost among the middle/ we will be/there we will be
Well now I know that I would walk/ forever in my garden lots of flowers/ I grow for you/ blue skies shine on every hope/ and with each small seed that I sow I love you/ I still do
Track Name: January
December marks the quiet ending/of apathy and ordinary things/ throwing disillusions to the dust/ as faded tears dried on your pillow slowly turn to rust/ and as you point your heart to January’s promise of the spring/ and you close your eyes and hope to God you don’t forget the things that kept you sane/ will you remain/ in January
The days grow longer and the sun fades gold/ I forget which feelings you bought and which you sold/ I want to speak but no words come to mind/ I hoped to give you credit but you never really tried/ and this time will not listen to your simple worded rhymes/ your sweet talk reputation has me fooled the final time/ when last, my heart will wander/ in January
The simple swell of two hearts beating perfectly in time
I’m wandering through promises that told me you were mine
Stuck to me your words still linger even though you’re gone/ in January
I know that often gentle hearts may fade/ the timing just came poorly ‘cause I’m stuck here in the rain/ where every bleak gray skyline looks the same/ I’m staring blankly at the ceiling feeling so unchanged/ and although your time is silver all my dreams were gold/ and I can’t negotiate the secrets that I told/ wrapped up in my honesty I found your feet were cold
in January/ Chorus
Track Name: Temporary Things
Tomorrow is just feigned now/ well goodbye seems so vain/ how long do you want me to lay here in your bed/ your sweet skin smells like mint/ in summer sun’s yellow air/ I’m trying to think of ways/to steal kisses from your curly locks of hair/ my shirt came off I held your hand/ flirting barefoot in the sand/ I told you every golden thing/ I even let you hear me sing/ well were you even listening/ or were we just kissing in the dark/
Is one night seen as plenty/ is one love one too many to ask from you/and your laugh/ and your somewhat misleading reputation/ we talked for hours how dare I think/ but your heart changed with every drink/ I sang you every golden song/ was falling for you all along/ no longer sure of right or wrong/ and now we’re just kissing in the dark
Well now you’ve left me wondering/ if we are temporary things/ just players in this game of fools/ flying ‘round in two-­by­-twos/ I’m breaking every single rule to lay here/ and kiss you in the dar
Track Name: Quiet Spring
It’s been a quiet fading/ of winter into spring/I’ve been gazing into treetops but I haven’t heard a thing/I found the songbird/ and asked her why she wept/ so silently in far gray hills I hadn’t traveled yet/ it’s been a quiet spring
It’s been a long time coming/ I’ve danced in feigned realities/ my starry and my hopeful eyes have filled with questioning/ it’s been a pale goodbye/ I’ve counted tears but not too much/ as every petal of my wildflowers have drooped and turned to dust/ I saw it coming
Of time I’ve seen plenty/ of love I’ve seen none/ some people long for lovers/ but I just want to be loved/ but I’ve been staring into mirrors/ instead of into lakes/wandering round in circles and still stuck with this heartache/it’s been a long time coming for a little love
It’s been hard to sing/ I really haven’t had the time/busy wandering after love instead of crafting clever rhymes/but that’s the thing/I’d blindly trade you rocks for gold/and I’d never think it foolish to have or know what your heart knows/ that’s the thing/ Chorus
Track Name: Don't Wait For Goodbye
So you wanna sit and eat breakfast in my bed/so you wanna live rent free in my head?
Well I’m not gonna let you do that anymore/watch my yellow boots march out your door
Can you hear the sound of the trains going by/the horns will blow/the whistle will sigh
I'm packing my bags, I'm leaving your lies/I'm hopping a train to California,
don't wait for goodbye
I thought that you cared about me/I thought that you wanted to sit under my apple tree
I don't want to see you/ don’t tell me that's hard/you shoulda thought about that/ before you messed with my heart
Track Name: In The Dark
Trapped heart, caught up in the same conversation/ gentle subtleties of goodbye ringing in my ears/ for five months, I’ve seen the writing on the wall but/ hopeful promises of love have guided me to feel
It’s not his perfect smile, but it’s his eyes that lead to heartbreak/faded summer blue, staring in the dark/it’s not the way he speaks, but the way time just moves around us/spinning on its own, in a world that’s only ours
In the night/when we shared our secrets in the moonlight/in the dark
Watching ticking clocks has left me sorry and misguided/wandering back through thoughts and sweetest memories from fall/it’s better not think back through the laughter and the dancing/I’ll still have songs to sing although I’ll never sing at all again
Of the night/ when we shared our secrets in the moonlight/ in the dark
Track Name: Let Me Drive
To get away from this white-­walled town/ I’m headed northern bound/passing time with folded hands/whistling words you carved into sand
Hold me in the middle of your Sunday afternoon/put me in the pockets of the times that you flew/ show me the road/ show me the sky/ let me drive
I measure miles in fears and walls/ spilling love despite it all/ I see you laugh and I turn away/ how has this become our everyday/ Chorus
Drawing lines and one-­way signs, we’re through/tunnels, walls and clouds all fall like I do/show me the road/ show me the sky/ let me drive, tonight
Track Name: Roots
You said to me that you had roots in the ground/that is where life is found/
and I’m looking for you
You said to me that you would never lie/after all this time/ you are laying by me
I almost gave up/I almost gave in/temptations of bodies, and your skin/but then you’re gone again
You said to me that you had wished on a well/well I wish you to hell/but I’ll follow running
‘Cause everything you do is who you are/ every breath is art/and you leave me humming
That I’ll never give up/I’ll never give in/to temptations of bodies and your skin
You said to me that you had roots in the ground/more like graveyards now, nothing’s ever growing
Track Name: Lay Right Here
Go or stay/ either way I’ll be laying here/ loneliness don’t mean much when I’m alone all year/ look me in the eyes and ask me why/ but tonight I think I’ll lie
Because/ I don’t wanna talk about it/ I just wanna lay right here/ some people say I’m buried by it/ but I like my fear
Tell me now/ you don’t want something more from me/it’s all a game, but I can’t play in it honestly/ look me in the eyes and ask me how /I sing the same songs even now/
Because/I don’t wanna talk about it/I just wanna lay right here/yes I know I’m buried by it/but I like my fear
Track Name: The Distance
The rain falls fast in my mind/‘cause everywhere I pass/ you are the sky
I know the sun from your window/ the distance in my mind/ the cold walk in the morning/ ended with a kiss goodbye, goodbye
With both feet on the ground/ winter sings in this small town/ ‘til I, I don’t mind being alone/it’s just the drive and the silence that get to me
I sleep for months and I’m dreaming/now forever tired/alone ‘til the day you’ll ask me/
what truth there is in rhyme
With both feet on the ground/winter flies in this small town/‘til I, I don’t mind being alone/ it’s just your eyes and your smile still get to me/ ‘til I, I don’t mind being alone/
it’s just the silence and the distance that get to me/ that get to me

Track Name: Here We Are
Here we are now/ forced to look our fear in the eyes/ if I tell you/ all that's haunting me is it worthwhile
It's barely September and I'm feeling cold/ I don't wanna fall asleep alone/ and I'm scared of the things that I hear in my own mind/ I try to be brave but I'm coming undone/ and I can't help but wonder where you've gone/ as I worry about all the things I might have said/ ‘cause I'm afraid I'll never fall in love again
Please don't keep me/ on your list of people to write/ I'll forget/ I ever fell in love with you that night
But I still have a way of turning my mind/ and I can't lose the feeling of your hand in mine/ I still see you everywhere I go/ but I don't want memories that you can't afford/ I just wanna remind you/ that I kept my word/ and I hope that you will do the same/ ‘cause I'm afraid I'll never fall in love again
Here we are now/ will you hold my fear in your hands/ time has told me/ you'll say no, but I'll understand
Track Name: Lost In My Mind
You are now to me/the stars in the sea/ the fish in the sky/you are lost in my mind/you’re summer into spring/and every song I shouldn’t sing/you’re yesterday with wings
Goodbye is frozen in our last locked eyes/a kiss for old time’s sake is no surprise/our end is to apologize/now I said it, but only in my mind
I’d give the best of me for who we used to be/but I spent all I had holding on to you/if you were to leave my dreams/know that I’d never sleep/ ‘cause we’re lost/and bound to be
You’re promises of home/you’ll leave and I’ll let go/you’re the only one I know/and I’d thank you but I’m so tired/of laying here alone/with nothing left to hold/but one kiss for the road